About Us

Fastersites is a one man band. Mostly the work is done by Stephen Bradley. Stephen has worked as a web designer and developer for over ten years and worked in new media and software for over twenty years.

Long Experience

Long experience in technology tempered by project management sense.

Getting the job done- we manage projects to deliver what you need efficiently and transparently so that you know what is being done and when.

Experience - Direct to you. The wide experience means that your project, whether big or small will be considered and delivered by someone concentrated on your needs, with the technical skills needed to get the right solution for you.

Continuous Improvement

We don't deliver with a big bang, but prefer to provide a longterm solution to provide incremental improvements to your site.

Our expertise


Wordpress is a powerful platform for sites and not just for blogs. All types of content can be delivered and it is widely regarded as having the friendliest, easiest to use admin interface to let you easily add new content and update exsiting content putting you in control of your site. It also has a great community contributing style and functional plugins that are easy to integrate into your site.


We have wide experience in Javascript. We have used the JQuery, jQueryUI and jQueryMobile.


The HTML behind your website affects the look, search engine placement and usability of your site across mobile and desktop browsers. We finely craft the HTML on your website using up-to-date html 5 standards.


This is the server technology that we use most. The most popular server technology on the web, it is behind sites from small blogs to Facebook. It scales well, with its latest version 7 now approximately twice as fast as previous versions, it will run well on smaller, cheaper hosting setups, saving on the ongoing hosting costs for your site.


We have setup hosting for a number of previous projects and can provide hosting as part of our offering. We are also very experienced at using hosting from other providers, if administration of your current provider is required.

Our approach to...


We take a practical structured approach to delivering your website. We go through a careful planning and design stage to ensure that the site meets your needs.


We take a simple, practical approach to design starting with the needs of your organisation and the impression you want it to make online. We stamp your organisations style individual style on your site using solid design foundations.


Search Engines will deliver the majority of the traffic to your site. We will work with you to create a site that will be friendly to search engines and for you to create content that will attract users to your site through listing on search engines.


We can take on your development tasks with experience in a variety of development languages and environments. Talk to us for help in delivering sites for your clients.